The Book Of Geometron

Lafe Spietz



Hypercube Editor

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction and Quickstart Guide
  2. Scale, Symmetry, and the Global Cursor
  3. Geometry Actions
  4. Philosophy and the Geometron Hypercube
  5. Geometron in the Browser
  6. Shapes and Recursion
  7. Human Language and Fonts
  8. Images
  9. The Third Dimension and Virtual Reality
  10. Treasure Maps and Pirate Charts
  11. Free Math
  12. Document Creation Process
  13. Information Storage and Printing
  14. Examples and Future Work

Introduction and Quickstart Guide

Chapter 1
  1. What is Geometron?
  2. "hello, world"
  3. Basic Shapes Example
  4. How to use this book: intended audiences
  5. Structure of this book

Scale, Symmetry and the Global Cursor

Chapter 2
  1. Dividing up the circle: Roots of Unity
  2. Scales
  3. The Global Cursor
  4. Basic movements
  5. Lattices and polygons

Geometry Actions

Chapter 3
  1. Circle, point, segment
  2. Symbol Glyphs
  3. Physical Implementations
  4. Bezier Paths
  5. Flag Markers
  6. Word Stack
  7. Closed paths, file format details
  8. Color, layer, material, texture

Philosophy and Structure

Chapter 4
  1. Why? Immediate needs addressed by Geometron
  2. What is a computer? The Riddle of Steel; The great problems of our age
  3. Laws of Geometron
  4. Long term goals of the project
  5. Full structure and logic of Geometron Hypercube

Geometron in a Web Browser

Chapter 5
  1. What exactly is the web and why do I care?
  2. How to do web stuff with no web or code background
  3. Initialization and Global Variables
  4. doTheThing()
  5. Useful Functions
  6. CSS and html in Geometron Document preparation

Shapes and recursion

Shape Chapter
  1. Shape creation process
  2. Examination of Geometric Recursion
  3. Construction of geometric languages
  4. A second study of regular polygons
  5. ShapeCAD: a basic Geometron application
  6. Penrose tiles, Golden spirals, and beautiful balderdash

Human Language and Fonts

Font Chapter
  1. Geometron fonts: the concept
  2. Line Fonts
  3. Pixelated Fonts
  4. Physicality and the unique utility of Geometron
  5. Contrast with existing systems: metaFONT, unicode, web fonts etc.
  6. Font library: English
  7. Non-English fonts


Image Chapter
  1. Motivation: The power of memes
  2. How images work in Geometron
  3. Image Tracing
  4. Pixel manipulation

The Third Dimension and Virtual Reality

3D Chapter
  1. 3d computer formats, problem statement and goals
  2. Basic operations: movement, rotation and scale
  3. Study of the Platonic Solids
  4. 3d crystal lattice structure and basic group theory
  5. Molecular modeling
  6. Practical 3d design, role in manufacturing, Augmented Reality
  7. Geometron hypercube modelled in 3d: "cyberspace"

Treasure Maps and Pirate Charts

  1. Rational coordinates on the surface of the Earth
  2. City mapping process
  3. Transit maps
  4. Secret Treasure maps, power of Geometron for secure geographic communication
  5. Nautical Charts
  6. Indoor and park maps laid out by hand
  7. Fantasy maps

Free Math

Free Math Chapter
  1. Structure of Math in Geometron: symbol vs. action, goals
  2. Typesetting math
  3. Calculators
  4. Some Examples

Document Creation Process

  1. Origins of this document
  2. Books
  3. Websites
  4. Presentations
  5. Academic papers
  6. Spimes
  7. New Geometron Instances
  8. Relationship with existing software

Storage and Printing: Everything is Physical

Physical Layer Chapter
  1. Goals and implications
  2. Basic Trash Printer
  3. Roctal binary storage format
  4. Everything is fractal: layout and spime construction
  5. The cuneiform typewriter, very long term archival storage
  6. Read/write, optical communication with mobile computing devices

Examples and Future Work

  1. Circuit Layout
  2. Cross stitch pattern maker
  3. Industrial Grit Art
  4. cross stitch pattern design and fonts
  5. The "Matrix"
  6. Constructing a "brand language"
  7. DC Metro map
  8. RPG fantasy maps
  9. Circuit Layout
  10. Quantum Computation Theory
  11. direct interface and language for front end of quantum processor
  12. Process Flow Diagrams
  13. Flowcharts
  14. Words In Boxes
  15. Free Textbooks
  16. Supply Chain Management
  17. Non numerical value systems
  18. Quantum computing architecture: Bloch Sphere Descriptions
  19. Free Social Media
  20. Civilization Design
  21. Languages of Religion
  22. Lab Notebook
  23. Direct Physical Screen Interaction(work around cpu in phones, build craft cpus)
  24. virtual reality interface, 3d cursor
  25. chess
  26. go
  27. xiang qi
  28. Brush stroke to shape table conversion for Hanzi
  29. organic chemistry in 2d
  30. organic chemistry in 3d
  31. amusing Tree Of Life from Kaballah but with Yiddish instead of Hebrew
  32. animation
  33. games
  34. construction of physical processors optimized for geometron operations